Jay Holloway – PEAK Audio Visual

Growing up in Hillsboro Oregon, Jay Holloway was interested in computers from an early age. “Many of my friends had parents working for Intel, so we were always building computers and working with them. I guess you could say I was a computer nerd,” Holloway explains.

Attending college in Utah, Holloway was a member of the school’s audiovisual team, and he even started his own event production business as a sideline to his studies. In 2011, Holloway came back to Oregon and joined his father as a partner in PEAK Audio Visual, helping his father expand the business into the successful venture it is today.

PEAK Audio Visual was originally founded by Scott Holloway in the 1990s as a franchise of Desktop Visual Products. Originally the company offered will-call rentals of audiovisual equipment. Over the last two decades the industry has grown exponentially, and the equipment has become more complex. As a result, the company has evolved and grown.

Once Holloway partnered with his father in the business, the company moved strongly into the event production space. “We offer all the technical support an event planner needs from audio and visual equipment to staging and camera work,” says Holloway. He adds, “We like to team up with conference planners and become the go-to company for all their tech needs. Our goal is to develop a partner relationship with every customer.”

While PEAK is a small family-owned business based in Portland, Oregon, the company has a wide reach. Holloway says, “We work with customers all over the country, it’s about half of our business.” “We have work with conferences as far as Orlando, Florida, and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania,” he adds.

Many of the events Holloway works with are conferences with 50 to 100 attendees. “We do several of those each month. We also do a couple large events each month, with anywhere from 600 to 2,500 attendees,” he says. Even a small meeting can require the latest equipment, so PEAK is happy to work with any size event.

Holloway says that there are a variety of reasons that PEAK has become successful. He explains that PEAK continues to buy the newest gear and works hard to keep it in good shape. He explains, “The industry and equipment change rapidly and is it difficult for planners to keep up with the latest trends. It is beneficial for planners to have a go-to person who knows what to recommend and to be able to supply the appropriate equipment.”

“As a small business, we are very flexible, and we are able to offer competitive pricing. In addition, when we partner with a planner, we are fully invested in the success of the event. We are not just managing a crew, we actually work the event ourselves,” Holloway says. “The audiovisual component can make or break a conference. If a projector goes down or a microphone isn’t working properly, it can ruin a presentation. We feel it matters that you have someone at the controls who is invested in the success of the event,” he adds.

PEAK is a full-service company, capable of providing complete technical event planning, event technology rentals and the appropriate labor services. Whether it is a high lumen projection system for a keynote speaker or a simple LCD screen for a trade show booth, PEAK has the appropriate video equipment. Audio packages can support any size event from small workshop to a large ballroom conference or outdoor theater. The company can provide the latest lighting equipment and all the staging equipment from pipe and draping for a trade show to full set production.

The company has grown dramatically over the past few years, and it continues to grow. “Our success stems from the fact that we are a small company that offers personalized service, while at the same time we have the capacity to handle any size event,” says Holloway.