Shelburne Inn Now Operated by Adrift Hotels

Long-time owners David Campiche and his wife, Laurie Anderson, hand over management to Adrift Hotels, Inc. in a collaborative handoff of the Shelburne Inn in Seaview, Washington. After operating the historic hotel for 40 years, Campiche and Anderson hand the keys to locals Tiffany Turner, who is the CEO and co-owner of Adrift Hotels, and Brady Turner, her husband and Adrift Hotels co-owner.

“We feel that in some ways this new adventure is a coming together of where everything began for us,” says Tiffany Turner. “Brady and I grew up on the peninsula and had our wedding reception
at the Shelburne.”

The Shelburne first opened its doors in 1896 and has operated continuously for the last 121 years. The intimate establishment featured 15 guest rooms and was called the Shelburne Hotel. Charles Beaver, the first owner, named it after the illustrious Shelbourne Hotel in Dublin, Ireland. In 1977 Campiche and Anderson purchased the property and became its longest owners.

“We are delighted to pass the torch to Tiffany and Brady Turner, who have their own connection to the Shelburne. They recognize, as we have, that the Shelburne is not just a building; that it has a life of its own, a past and a future. They understand the importance of preservation while creating a thriving business that will continue into the next century,” says Anderson.

When it reopens this spring, it will be under its original name, Shelburne Hotel, and it will sport a new fine dining restaurant along with a traditional pub. The restaurant will use a monthly seasonal menu highlighting local, natural food. Guests can relax in the pub with simple, traditional pub grub with a global twist, local brews, classic cocktails and games for patrons to enjoy. The hotel’s original 15 guest rooms remain, with updates to make them feel fresh yet familiar.

Turner says, “The Shelburne Hotel will be a place that will retain its rich history, but is alive with new possibilities. It will be warm and welcoming to guests, and comfortable and friendly for locals who are looking for a neighborhood haunt.”

Adrift Hotels also manages several other boutique hotels and restaurants on the Washington and Oregon Coasts. The Shelburne Hotel is now taking reservations.