A New Team Building Experience at Seattle’s Puzzle Break

You are trapped in a room. As you look around, you begin to notice strange objects and messages hidden around the room. Are they clues to help you escape? Can you and your team solve the puzzles, find the key and get out of the room within an hour? A new Seattle venue offers a cutting-edge take on group fun and team-building activities.

Puzzle Break is a live action, video game-style experience where teams are thrust into a room full of hidden clues and puzzles that they must solve within an hour to escape the room. A new, 6,000 square-foot facility, located in the Seattle’s Belltown neighborhood, joins Puzzle Break’s Capitol Hill location to offer a variety of group pursuits. The Belltown location is one of the largest of its kind and features multiple world-class immersive experiences with Hollywood-caliber set designs.

The Belltown location’s first experience is a séance-themed The Eventide Departure which features an innovative mirrored room with two separate but identical and digitally connected areas with multiple chambers. Players have the option of competing with another team to test their mental might in a race to unravel the mystery. Teams will be alerted in real time when the other completes one of the puzzles. The typical game experience consists of a 15-minute introduction, 60 minutes of puzzling and escaping and a 15-minute debriefing session. The venue includes a meeting room so groups can conduct a business meeting and then adjourn for post-meeting fun.

The Belltown facility will eventually house more than six escape rooms and team games. All games will take place in the same universe, allowing players to be immersed into a massive, connected narrative that will be told over the course of years. Additionally, rooms will contain hidden Easter egg references to other Puzzle Break experiences in the master story.

For larger events, Puzzle Break can bring the escape experience to your gathering. They offer a variety of themed games that can accommodate groups of all sizes. The astronomy-themed Escape from Starbase Alpha is ideal for small to medium groups, while A Hollywoodland Mystery suits up to 250 players who work in teams to catch a killer in 1940s Hollywood.