Make Your Next Company Outing Unforgettable 

10 Extraordinary Team Retreat Experiences in Issaquah 

1. Taste, tour, and experiment at a local candy shop with a variety of decadent chocolates and treats. 

2. Visit the zoo for a private and exclusive experience with cougars, tigers, reindeer and More. 

3. Love to learn? Get behind-the-scenes with a private tour of the salmon hatchery. 

4. Turn team bonding up a notch with a group glassblowing class at a local gallery. 

5. Enjoy block printing with inks made from foraged local flora with the help of a resident eco-artist. 

6. Looking for an adrenaline rush? Take a thrilling ride paragliding over Issaquah’s stunning natural wonders. 

7. See where the adventure will lead you with a guided hike on one of our many photo-worthy trails. 

8. Is your battery running on empty? Let your imagination run wild in our charming treehouse cabins for a relaxing getaway. 

9. Watch a private showing of the latest blockbuster film with craft cocktails and decadent truffle buttered popcorn. 

10. For rain or shine adventure, hit the trails with a guided mountain bike or e-bike excursion. 

Take the Bored Out of the Boardroom 

Let Visit Issaquah be your guide to help plan your next conference or company outing. Ditch the fluorescent lighting and stale office coffee and let your team experience all the sites, culinary bites, entertainment, thrills, and culture that Issaquah offers. Take the first step toward something new, and let the adventure begin. What are you waiting for? To learn more, visit or email at

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