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Book Your Next Event at an Entertainment Center

Tiffany Quilici – Dark hair gal celebration e copy
By Heather Larson Meetings don’t always need to be held in formal, sterile or stuffy spaces. Sometimes you need to break out of the norm. When you hold your next bash at a bowling center, arcade or race course, you’ll go down in event history as the “fun” meeting planner. Upon entering the following Northwest venues, meeting goers see and hear what’s normally associated with the feel of recess and a break from the daily grind. The roar of a ball heading towards those ten reluctant pins, the flashing lights, a steel ball ricocheting off bumpers and the sound of
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8 Event Planning Mistakes to Avoid

By Christina R. Green As an event planner, you wear a variety of hats. You’re a project manager, a social director, a solution provider, a mom or dad (let’s face it sometimes those attendees need some coddling), an artist, and you may be a business owner. Those roles require using many different skills and parts of your brain. While in the short term you may need to prioritize some of the roles over others, in your long-term career you’ll need them all. Those skills you don’t have, you’ll need to acquire. If you work for an event planning company, you’ll likely
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